Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dog Menace

There is a very interesting post in the chennai runners about dog chasing the runners. It just got me thinking. Ever since I started road running one thing that had always stayed at the back of my mind is the fear for stray dogs. During my school days we have always maintained a very healthy distance with the dogs and never have tried any kind of gallantry when dogs are involved. As I grew older, I have some what become more confident about dealing with them and thus lost the fear for them.

Though we do not have any dog at home , we have had a few at our home in the village and those dogs are quite ferocious. But no problems for us kids. But now every morning as I run , I always look out for a stray from the corner of my eye and sometimes it is very distracting. Especially, in one of my long routes there is a pack of dogs who chase people persistently. I don't think they have bitten any one but the very thought of being bitten by dog is good enough to instill fear.

Whenever I encounter a stray dog, I try to stop, stay calm and move slowly, without giving a slightest of sign that I am afraid. This strategy works most of the time but most of these dogs are always argumentative types. They insist that they argue and that's when the fear turns into anger. Now a days I carry a small stick while running, which might look very funny, but that is a deterrent for the dogs to attack me. I have not had the opportunity to test it so far, but I am sure the dogs are as scared of me as I am of them.

However, wise men say " Dogs are man's best friend". But that's another story............

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