Friday, October 24, 2008

My ECR 8

Last Sunday run at ECR 8 was one of my finest long distance runs. I have not run many runs , but with my little running experience this ranks as one of top runs. It was raining the later part of the week and I was little worried that it may rain on Sunday too. Not that any one was really bothered about it enough to post pone the run. But rain would have made it uncomfortable by increasing the risk of friction and chaffing. At least that is what was crossing my mind. But thank God, the whether was perfect.

We assembled at Mayajaal at 4.30 a m. The enthusiasm was great, the organisation was impeccable. Thanks to the committment and dedication of the team , at no point there was any kind of inconvenience for the runners. I ran 20 kms with a timing of 2 hours 41 minutes. Certainly improve on this at Singapore.
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