Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Class of 81 - Reunion

"How time flies" is a cliche'. But I could not find a more appropriate sentence to describe my feelings when I met my old school mates at Cosmopolitan club last saturday, 12 December 09.
Apart from me, Raghu, Hari, Venkat Ramani and Nachiappan was there.

It is really interesting how this whole thing started out. I met Hari last month ( without realising that he is my class mate in school), through a common friend . Hari has started a venture and I met him to help him make an contractual obligation to one of his prospective customers. As we got to talking , it was Hari who recognized me , albiet , hazily. We immediately started talking our school days and revelled at the memories. It was at that moment we decided that we should track every one and meet .

One call to Raghu and we had our pivotal man. He agreed to dig his address book and take out all the available names. And he did. In no time we could round up 9 guys and had information on another 2. Out of 22 we have tracked half of them in 2 days.

Thanks to Raghu and Hari , now we are in the process of reaching out all our old friends. May be one day in not in the distant future, we will have a complete reunion of Class of 81.

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