Friday, January 29, 2010

Surprising Sunrise

Now a days it is not uncommen for me to get up around 3 o 'clock and rush out to Air port to catch early morning flights. As much as I loathe the idea of sacrificing my regulated sleep, not to mention the mess these travels do to my running and workout schedules, it has become imperative to suffer these trips in silence. Te only saving grace if any, on these travels are my resolve to be back home for dinner and bed.

However, my visit to Hyderabad was a pleasent and different experience to day. Most of the times the early morning flights are always on time. Of course , if you are a Delhi bound passenger then it is a different matter during this season. My flight landed exactly at 7.35 am and I walked through the aero brigde. It is these 30 seconds that was one of the most awesome experience I had.

The bridge has glass panels and one walks through a clear and unhindered sight of open space. Imagine that with an sunrise, it is an experience we normally associate with cliff top. It was so moving, I decided to just to record it down immediately.

So guys, if you ever land in Hyderabad early in the morning and walk through the aero bridge, pause a moment to enjoy the sunshine................

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