Saturday, February 6, 2010

Truly "Aayirathil Oruvan"

I happened to watch this film last week in a theatre. I had stopped watching flims in the theatre for some time now, but this happened. And I am happy it did.

We keep studying history and identify points in time which creates a change in the course, but is hardly recognized at that point in time. In its presence, it fails to manifest its truer potential but like vintage wine ages priceless.

Aayrathil Oruvan is one such endavour. There has been no Tamil film in this genre. That is a fact. A lot of thinking and sensitivity has gone into making of this movie. That is a fact. A lot of people have completely wagered their career in the last two years during the production. That is a fact.
An attempt has been made to remember our history, in whatever little manner was possibe. That is a fact. And this is a work of an obsessed man who wanted to give some thing more. And that is an undeniable fact.

Selvaraghavan excels as film maker in at least one count. He has produced a film for the Tamil audience with a limited market. It is easy to compare this film with the Stephen spielberg or James Camaron and rubbish Selva. But what Selva has achieved is to raise the bar to bring comparisons with them. That is stunning .........

Another coup, if I may say, is the ending... The media has been saying that open ending will not work in Tamil Cinema. It does, here.

Add that to the haunting music, breath taking visuals , the film really trascends the watchers to another level.

One of a kind Tamil movie in a long long time .........................

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